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September 26, 2013

The Scholar-Practioner

by Angel Pumila

The Scholar-Practioner Model in Integrative Education

The scholar-practitioner model consists of the application of knowledge learned in a professional field, along with consistently adding to that knowledge through further education and experience to remain up-to-date and relevant in a field of practice (Capella University, 2005). This model is essential to the field of higher education as concepts and information are always being updated as new information becomes available. Professionals in this field must continually grow their craft in order to apply the most accurate available information to their career.

The Integrative Studies program at Capella University has transformed not only my knowledge base, but the manner in which I approach information and/or situations as well. Much of this can be defined through epistemology. This term refers to “how we know what we know” (Plamer & Zajonc, 2010). For example, when approaching topics in studies or daily life, multiple angles are taken to process the information. This application of critical thinking involves the analysis of the acquisition of previous knowledge and combines it with the newly presented concepts. The results can be either a change in the former viewpoint or an addition to it. This creates a chance for what may have been defended or dismissed in the past to become more thought out and processed.

In my role in higher education, the practioner-scholar model is a part of daily life. It involves continual education within my specialization, networking through professional organizations to learn up-to-date information, and an open mindset as I approach the world in order to note additional subjects that require more research for my knowledge base. These components will not only aid in the growth of knowledge, but help me grow as a person as well.



Capella University. (2005). Capella University’s scholar-practitioner educational philosophy. Minneapolis, MN: Author.

Palmer, P. J., & Zajonc, A. (2010). The heart of higher education: A call to renewal. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.


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