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Nathaniel Branden


Nathaniel Branden (1930-):

Branden is known for his studies in the field of self-esteem.  Branden found self-esteem to be a basic human need, the absence of which cause psychological turmoil.

Six themes emerge in his work include the concept of living consciously, self-acceptance and responsibility, self-assertiveness, integrity and living purposely.

Works include:


Edward de Bono


Edward de Bono (1933-): Coined the term lateral thinking.
De Bono’s techniques of deliberate teaching are used in school curriculums worldwide.

Works include:

The Use of Lateral Thinking (1967) ISBN 0-14-013788-2, introduced the term “lateral thinking”
New Think (1967, 1968) ISBN 0-380-01426-2

The Five-Day Course in Thinking (1968), introduced the L game

The Mechanism of the Mind (1969), Intl Center for Creative Thinking 1992 reprint: ISBN 0-14-013787-4

Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step by Step, (1970), Harper & Row 1973 paperback: ISBN 0-06-090325-2

The Dog-Exercising Machine (1970)

Technology Today (1971)

Practical Thinking (1971)


Eric Berne

imageEric Berne (1910-1970):

The creator of transactional analysis, focusing on games played in relationships and the role of intuition.

Works by Berne:

Bernie, E. (1964). Games people play- the basic handbook of transactional analysis. New York: Ballantine Book


Alfred Adler


Alfred Adler (1870-1937): The study of inferiority and the impact of power and vanity.
Adler founded the school of individual psychology.

Works by Adler:

Adler, A. (1964). The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler. H. L. Ansbacher and R. R. Ansbacher (Eds.). New York: Harper Torchbooks. ISBN 0-06-131154-5.

Adler, A. (1979). Superiority and Social Interest: A Collection of Later Writings. H. L. Ansbacher and R. R. Ansbacher (Eds.). New York, NY: W. W. Norton. ISBN 0-393-00910-6.

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